Friday, May 25, 2012

The Traveling Lyme Flags Need a Home

A couple years ago a fellow Lyme Advocate Deb, started a great project making Lyme Flags for local Lyme events. She wanted to make a flag to represent other patients with Lyme Disease that wanted to attend these events but were too sick to. She also added a flag for every person who has passed away from Lyme Disease. When people come to these events they can "rent" a flag for the day for a dollar or so. They carry the flag around through the event with someone's name on it, then return it at the end of the day. The person who couldn't make it to the event gets represented and feels part of the event, and the dollar donation gets put toward whatever group or non profit is holding the event.

Well before Deb knew it, this little project turned into hundreds and then thousands of flags. People from all over wanted to bring these flags to the events. They have traveled to to Washington DC, Cypress California, Pequot Lakes MN, Kansas,  New Hampshire and even Ottawa Canada! Since this has become such a huge task, we are looking for someone in Wisconsin to take over storage and shipping of these flags for the Wisconsin Nonprofit. If you would be interested please contact

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