Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WLN Call To Action

Hello Lyme Friends,
Please, can you help? 
  Jennifer Christi, a former WLN board member and close affiliate with the WLN worked very hard to get a CME accredited lecture approved  for Dr. Cameron,former ILADS president and  lead specialist on Lyme Disease in Wisconsin.   He is training our interested practitioners from our VIEW newsletter mailings this October.  He will be coming to Wisconsin on Saturday October 6th from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. to present material to licensed practitioners only at the Milwaukee County Medical College on Lyme diease. 
Attached is the flyer for this event.  It can be printed and dispersed to clinics, licensed practitioner practices and hospitals.  Here are my suggestions of how best to approach the following locations.
Hospital:   bring it to their Human Resource Department and ask if they would review it and disperse to employees if able.  Remind people that this is a CME accredited course authorized and approved by the Milwaukee County Medical College.  This college, as of last December 2011 holds a $13.9 million dollar grant to do research on Lyme Disease.  It is FREE with 2 CME Credits for licensed practitioners.   
Clinic:  ask at the receptionist desk who you can speak to regarding dispersing information on a CME accredited lecture at the Milwaukee County Medical College on Lyme Disease specific to licensed practitioners. 
Practitioner Office:  tell the receptionist that you are there to drop off information on a CME accredited course at the Milwaukee County Medical College on Lyme Disease. Give them a copy of the flyer and ask if they would share it with their colleagues. Inform them that the reason you are bringing this to their office is because this disease is frequently misdiagnosed and encompasses all the systems of the body. You can mention that per the CDC Vector Borne Illnesses are 12 times higher then reported cases. 
I know many of you are ill yourself and it may be difficult for you to get out to do this.  I would be happy to mail not only  Cameron's flyer for this presentation but also a copy of our VIEW newsletter to any practitioner name and  address you provide to me.
Think of your journey with this illness and how many doctors you have seen?  How about their names and addresses?  Look at your old medical records, this may help refresh your memory?
Please forward names and addresses of practitioners to collins.kristin@att.net as soon as possible.  I will send these out through Friday September 28th at the latest. Time is of the essence here. We only have 10 days to accomplish this.  
I really appreciate all your help on this.  I'm sure many of you have wanted to bring Lyme to the  attention of the multiple practitioners that have misdiagnosed you.  This is YOUR opportunity.  Please forward this to your Lyme friends as well.  Let's fill this auditorium at the Milwaukee County Medical College and make this a worthwhile trip for Dr. Cameron and for the many patients in need here in Wisconsin and surrounding states. 
This lecture will bring those in attendance a basic understanding of Lyme disease and spark interest for them to want to not only learn more but perhaps to receive future ILADS training.  Wisconsin has some funds for this training.  Lets take this opportunity to make a difference in many people's lives.  Dr. Cameron is doing this for us for  free. Please help us welcome him with a full auditorium of licensed practitioners. 
Your help with this is so appreciated.        
            Kristin Collins, R.N., V.P.



  1. This is very interesting considering the Medical College doctors are the very ones who refused to acknowledge my Lyme last summer when I was a patient at Froedtert. I had to threaten to leave AMA before they'd let me see a neurologist who knew anything about Lyme, and it took them 2 weeks of my being a paralyzed patient before they'd even do a lumbar puncture which BTW proved I did indeed have Lyme. Interesting they're having this NOW.

  2. It's also interesting that they were awarded the grant for millions to research Lyme, when their docs told me I couldn't have Lyme because no one had Lyme there before.